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Over Fifty Years of Discovering Talents
Over Fifty Years of Discovering Talents

The birth of a new vision

In 1964, Beat Notz and Christian Stucki, two truly independent and visionary minds, imagined a new wealth management concept.

Michael Steinhardt

Michael Steinhardt is one of Wall Street’s legendary traders.

George Soros

In 1970, the young and then relatively unknown George Soros had a hard time finding investors to launch his first fund. So he travelled to Switzerland and met Beat Notz and Christian Stucki. Together with a few brave investors, they decided to invest in what would later become the world-famous Quantum Fund.

Haussmann Holdings

In 1974, we pioneered a whole new industry when we co-founded Haussmann Holdings, one of the very first fund of hedge funds.

Asia Fund

In the years following the 1973 oil crisis, most developed economies were undergoing a long-lasting recession. At the same time, the emerging Asian Tigers were exporting their manufactured goods worldwide and enjoying exceptionally high growth rates.

Fukuo Shigeta

At the same time, thanks to the Japanese Economic Miracle, Japan was rapidly becoming the world’s second largest economy.

Julian Robertson

Known as the “Wizard of Wall Street,” Julian Robertson is one of the pioneers of modern hedge fund management and accurately predicted the Dotcom Bubble.

Paul Tudor Jones II

After trading cotton bales at the New York Cotton Exchange, then working as a broker, Paul Tudor Jones launched his Tudor fund in 1980.


As the less efficient markets of Europe provided good investment opportunities, in 1987 we decided to look for European hedge funds. At the time, the only place where you could find talented managers was London. But the British traders trying to set up their own hedge funds had a hard time finding investors in Switzerland.

Louis Moore Bacon

Louis Moore Bacon is one of Wall Street’s macro trading legends. After learning the ropes trading commodities while studying at Columbia, he worked as a commodities and currencies trader, before launching his Moore Capital fund in 1989.

John Armitage

In 1994, John Armitage co-founded the Egerton Long/Short Equity fund with William Bollinger.


In the 90s, India initiated a deep economic liberalisation program, opening the doors of the world’s sixth largest economy to foreign investment.

Paul Marshall – Ian Wace

London-based fund managers Paul Marshall and Ian Wace launched their Marshall Wace fund in 1997. Specialised in global Long/Short Equity, they are one of Europe’s foremost hedge fund managers. In 2017, they became famous well outside the financial community when they made EUR 5 million shorting Juventus Football Club stock.

Asia – the new frontier

As Asian economies have become mature, with domestic consumption replacing exports as the driver of growth, their financial markets have also transformed into modern exchanges, adopting the full range of investment tools and techniques used by alternative managers.


As the digital revolution forces most business sectors to reinvent themselves, we know that the traditional Swiss banking model is no longer sheltered from change.

  • 1964 The birth
  • 1967 Michael Steinhardt
  • 1970 George Soros
  • 1974 Haussmann Holdings
  • 1979 Asia Fund
  • 1979 Fukuo Shigeta
  • 1980 Julian Robertson
  • 1980 Paul Tudor Jones II
  • 1987 Lynx
  • 1989 Louis Moore Bacon
  • 1994 John Armitage
  • 1994 Aruna
  • 1997 Paul Marshall – Ian Wace
  • 2011 Asia
  • 2015 Fusion
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