Notz Stucki @Trail des Paccots 2016

by Octree

Notz Stucki – Trail des Paccots 2016 edition

After the first race ran together in Morat (NScopearticle of October, 2015), a delegation of the NS team participated to the “Trail des Paccots”, a race between mountain pasture, thin forest, rivers and, this year, very difficult weather (mud, rain and hail!).

Trail des Paccots
NS Running Team delegation @Trail des Paccots 2016

Despite the extreme conditions for the season, the highly motivated runners choose their program: 17 km (1’100m D+), 27 km (1’900m D+) and 41 km (2’600m D+).

Pablo Gomez
Pablo Gomez, 17 km (1’100m D+)
Antonio Mira
Antonio Mira, 17 km (1’100m D+)

For some it was a discovery, for others a training for bigger future objectives.

Marie-Caroline Fonta
Marie-Caroline Fonta, 27 km (1’900m D+)

Regardless encountered problems, they indeed learned a lot about themselves, this was an opportunity to train their mental and push their body to the limit.

Sonia Xausa
Sonia Xausa, 27 km (1’900m D+)

Once the race finished, after switching from one emotion to another, they were happy to share their pains, enjoyment, feelings. Trail running isn’t just a sport, it’s an experience, a challenge, that’s why for sure all the team will sign for the next race…

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