NS Impact

NS Impact – Our commitment 2021

by Marie-Caroline Fonta

A concrete commitment to the community

We are convinced individual energy has more impact when it is part of a shared effort.
This is why, together with all Notz Stucki employees, we select the projects to be supported each year.

Whenever possible, our commitment goes beyond just financial support and involves real personal engagement and active participation.

Here are the projects supported for this year 2021:

  • Association Savoir Patient – asap: for the second year running we will be supporting the Association Savoir Patient – asap. This year we are helping fund their next newsletter. Asap newsletters are each themed around a particular issue that can affect patients and propose ways to mitigate its effects. The new edition deals with the neurocognitive fallout of various treatments, with a focus on how this affects performance at work. Notz Stucki will also be sending a team, pandemic permitting, to the 20km Pink Walk from Geneva Airport to raise money for the charity.
  • Association Patouch: we are sponsoring 11 animated videos aimed at preventing teenage and childhood problems, dealing with straightforward issues such as violence, fear, limits, etc. We will also be playing an active part in finding schools to host training sessions and public spaces to sign up to the Patouch Zone charter.
  • Association Hôpiclowns: we will be financially supporting the renovation of a photobank. The pictures will be used to enrich the charity’s communications, design postcards for children in hospital and their families and will also be used to create an exhibition celebrating the charity’s 25th anniversary.

Find out more about the associations and projects here.


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