Notz Stucki Investment Meeting – Anatole Kaletsky

by James Macpherson

“Bull Market Will Continue – despite all the risks”

2018 has been a difficult year in financial markets with almost every equity and bond market suffering, with the notable exception of the US stock market. A further complication for investors has been that this has not been caused by a serious deterioration in economic fundamentals. Instead markets have been driven by political risks and uncertainties. Ultimately the question for investors is whether this is just a painful correction, and therefore a buying opportunity, or is this the start of a reversal in markets, signalling the end of the US bull market. The presentation considered three causes of the setback in markets since April/May, and then how far these issues might develop or revert. Anatole made a case that the bull market would resume, but cautioned that others in Gavekal were more cautious.

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