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Notz Stucki
Investment Conference

14 January 2020 in Geneva
Notz Stucki 2020


Louis-Vincent Gave


Stefan Blum

Bellevue Asset Management

Munib Islam

Third Point LLC
Tuesday, 14 January

Notz Stucki Investment Conference Program



Auditorium Hall

Please arrive early for croissants and coffee and take this opportunity to meet some of the speakers and the members of the team at Notz Stucki.




Is the US out-performance coming to an end?


Bellevue Asset Management


Making the healthcare system more efficient with Digital Health


Third Point


Activism as an Investment Strategy




Participate in discussion concerning vital aspects of investment world


Cocktail lunch

Auditorium Hall

We are very pleased at Notz Stucki to invite you to a post-conference a cocktail lunch in the company of our guest speakers.

Accommodation alternatives

Should you require any accomodation, please feel free to contact the following hotels to benefit from our corporate rates.

FER Genève ou Fédération des Entreprises Romandes Genève Auditorium, Level -1
2020 investment conference


Can we get the presentation booklets even if we can’t attend the event ?
Of course, feel free to let us know directly or by simply registering for our events newsletter and we’ll gladly send you a written version of the presentations as well as our summary.
How to reach the event?
The conference is a 5min walk from the Geneva main train station. A parking is also available.
May I bring a colleague or send someone else than the initial invitee?
Absolutely. Simply let us know in writing to make sure their name is on the invitation list when they arrive.
Can I arrive late or leave early?
Out of respect for our speakers and their ability to interact with attendees, please wait for a break before entering or leaving the hall. We also recommend attending the whole event.
14 January, Geneva, Switzerland

2020 Notz Stucki
Investment Conference

We look forward to seeing you there and thank you for confirming your attendance.

14 January, Geneva Switzerland

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