Is Notz Stucki the standard financial company?

by Irene Olivet-Mircea

Brett Steenbarger wrote in Forbes Investing that in most of his workshops dealing with money management professionals, the ratio of attendees is around 20 men to 1 woman. Wow! This can also be applied to other fields of management, even if to a lesser extent.

The attendance to our bi-annual investment conferences tends to prove this, as do the guest speakers. Notz Stucki would like to restore this imbalance and will have the pleasure to have female speakers in future, starting from our next conference in June.

But women at Notz Stucki are not a minority and here are some from our Geneva office:

NSSA Ladies web
Some from our Geneva office workers

Some of us have been with the company for many years, others have recently joined but all, of course, are essential to our company’s success.

But on this International Women’s Day, we would like to show the fun side of our business:

NSSA Ladies fun web


Whilst our male colleagues hold the fort a few minutes….

Notz Stucki men hold the fort

Notz Stucki wishes a nice International Women’s Day to all!

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