IFSA Event : Geneva students are hungry and getting prepared to face the challenges !

by Antonio Mira

Geneva students are hungry and getting prepared to face the challenges !

How do the students perceive the new reality that will emerge from all the challenges affecting our financial industry ?

How is tomorrow’s workforce considering the future of our country and financial place ?

On November 24, I had the pleasure to animate a workshop at Geneva university organized by the International Finance Student Association (IFSA) about the evolution of our industry, the context in which the changes are occurring and some of the questions bankers are currently asking themselves about fintech, regulation, evolving clients needs, new operational mindset, etc.

This was an interactive session full of questions, thoughts and pertinent remarks. The students are still not convinced banks are innovative companies but are not ready to open a bank account with Apple, should this company become once a bank… They are curious of all the value the start ups and tech companies can bring and how they can contribute.

If they clearly expect to find difficult working conditions when they will start their career, they appear to be aware of the industry challenges and the expectations of their future employers. While I was listening to the their aspirations and vision of life and business, I understood these young people are getting ready to enter this complicated world with the right mindset : not with optimism but with realism ! and with the conviction that hard work, sense of initiative and responsibilities and development of the right skills will put them in the driving seat.

We can encourage efforts made by the International Finance Student Association, Geneva’s section to create a bridge between university and companies. For more information, please visit : http://ifsa-network.com/geneva/.

Be hungry, there is a lot to do and we need your energy, commitments and ideas.

Bon appétit !

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