Fusion start-ups selection for 2017-2018

by Amelie Janssens

Fusion start-ups selection for 2017-2018 is now public: 23 start-ups are joining the go-to-market acceleration program across Fintech, Proptech/Smart City and Lifetech.

The start-ups come from 13 countries including Singapore, Germany & Russia as well as southern Europe (Italy, Spain and France) and Switzerland. Fusion launched the first Swiss-based Fintech Accelerator – Fintech Fusion – in 2015 (read the story) and has recently added 2 new industry-focused accelerator programs – Lifetech & Proptech/Smart City to help build the future of the Healthcare and Real Estate industry.

Startups joining Fusion are named *Fellows* to indicate the long-term relationship between the startup teams and Fusion.

“Startup ecosystems outside of Silicon Valley have developed intensively over the past 10 years. What we see is rich verticals where core technologies and local ecosystem players make it a perfect seeding ground for interesting companies. Fusion partners with local incubators & accelerators and leverages its network of ambassadors to identify companies that have validated early product/customer fit and focuses its fellowship program on Go-To-Market fit. A company like Bambu – for example – which has strong early stage successes in Asia joins Fusion to get European reach and gain deeper understanding on the specificities of the European and Swiss marketplaces”says Sal Matteis, CEO of Fusion.

Since October 2017 the 23 companies have been engaging with the Fusion network of Swiss, European and American mentors & partners who are there to engage openly and support startups through their growth phase.

“With Temenos we work with startups in the Fintech space to build a marketplace of global solutions that we provide as a plug & play to our customers. Fusion enables to reach many of these companies and create a structured process to build and integrate on the marketplace”, says Ben Robinson – Chief Strategy Officer at the Temenos Marketplace – who also helps the startups as a mentor.

At Notz Stucki, we believe that our membership in Fusion puts our feet in the fast developing FinTech ecosystem and gives us opportunities to identify better ways of working and new business lines.

Switzerland is the place for Frontier Tech

Switzerland missed a bit the .com wave, however the Swiss Ecosystem is a much  more fertile ground for startups that have a stronger technological core like AI, VR/AR, Big Data, Robotics, Genomics and Blockchain. Fusion is focusing on Frontier Tech to help shape the future of traditional industries with adoption of new technology.

The Lemanic region – stretching from Geneva to Lausanne – has a critical mass of global-headquarters in Bio, MedTech, Health-related and food corporations which added to Financial Services, Real Estate and Insurance industries has become a strong attractor for startups wanting to build their European presence.

“Fusion is perfectly positioned to enable the engagement and co-development between corporations in these industries and startups. The movement we started in Fintech in 2015 is now becoming a clear advantage to anticipate and drive the digital transformation of the Insurance, Health and Real Estate industries. Fusion partners with the likes of Temenos, Notz Stucki, Swisscard, Mobiliere,Investis to build the ecosystem. Most recently counting the addition of EPFL and Digital Switzerland in our effort, we have expanded our reach and continue to see accelerated momentum in enabling the evolution of these industries in Switzerland and globally”, says Sal Matteis, CEO of Fusion.

“We are experiencing a new wave of change for the real estate industry. Digital technologies are changing the playing field. With Fusion we are accelerating our path to working with proptech startups and building an ecosystem for real estate innovation” say Stephane Bonvin, CEO of Investis Group.

“With La Mobilière we created a Life Tech ecosystem to identify and work with the best innova- tions of this space and drive our vision to be a trusted partner in the life of our customers. Fusion enables to reach many of these companies and help us to initiate new services and to collaborate with start-ups to create new ways to interact and bring value to our customers”, says Thomas Boyer – Responsible of Life and Pensions business at La Mobilière.

“The collaboration with Fusion allows us to quickly learn about and fasttrack disruptive, game- changing innovation. We greatly benefit from Fusion’s local and global network that gives us access to relevant startups, key experts and other corporates who are keen to jointly innovate”, say Markus Feller, Head of Corporate Development & Business Transformation Swisscard.


Please find below the 23 companies joining Fusion:

Fusion Fintech Fellows 2017


Bambu offers an Intelligent Robo-Advisor for high net worth investors, White-Label Robo for affluent investors and Robo-in-a-Box for retail investors.


Fred de la Compta allows centralization of all admin data in a single platform.


Hello iZi is your personal Stock Investing Assistant


Systemkredit creates an ecosystem of rated credit risks that benefits lenders and borrowers.


Wealthinitiative is a peer-to-peer digital tool for high-end tangible assets & direct equity.


Yawave helps companies leverage social-crowd activation to increase consumer engagement and brand equity.


Fusion Lifetech Fellows 2017


Fennex enables augmented hearing through its innovative seamless integration with AirPods and sound algorithms.


Gero develops omics data analysis methods to identify targets for therapeutic intervention against age-related diseases and aging.


HeartWatch detects silent cardiac and respiratory problems through a common camera that looks at your face.


Medicsen is a personalized and automatic system to improve diabetes control through deep learning and real time telemonitoring.


MOJO is a virtual life & business coach that accurately assesses the nature and evolution of the user’s psychological functioning.


Neurosphere is a neurotech company specializing on EEG brain-computer interfaces. Automated neurofeedback for brain training.


Nutrilog is a nutrition software for professionals through Meal Planning, Diet Assessment & Recipe Analysis.


Pryv enables fully-compliant collection, structure, distribution and storage of data for health applications & products.


From recognizing Dementia and Alzheimer’s symptoms to managing specific behaviors. Stuward helps support people living with dementia.

Fusion Proptech & Smart City Fellows 2017


Advisay is an automated assistant/chatbot for real estate management allowing for effective customer personalization. acquisition & engagement.


Is it fresh provides a fully digital platform that makes packaging smart by the integration of chip and sensor technology.


Neho helps property owners sell their house through a simple and efficient online platform.


Twingz provides Smart Energy solutions for houses and buildings through integrated IoT Solutions.


WeHike is a social platform helping hikers optimize their hikes. Powered by satellite technology for real time insights. WeHike’s data infrastructure can be leveraged for Real Estate and Smart City applications.


YetiVisit enables high quality 360° virtual tours for real estate professionals and photographers.


1aim’s hardware-software stack enables any door to be opened with any phone providing an all-in-one solution to manage entrance, security and insights.

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