Fusion Fintech Fellows Review 2016 – 2019

by Amelie Janssens

What happened during those last 4 years at Fusion? 

Fusion Fintech Fellows 2016-2019
Fusion Fintech Fellows 2016-2019

Already 4 years and it seems our first candidates selection meeting was just yesterday!

Fusion startups acceleration program started in 2016. After 4 batches, let’s have a look at what has been going on at Fusion during throughout this period.


During season 1 and 2, most startups were positioned as industry challengers, focusing on the core activity of investment management. We were at the peak of the robo-advisors trend.

This has evolved over time. The purpose pursued by the startups of the following batches was rather to enhance the industry instead of radically changing it, by focusing on process optimization, financial softwares, etc. The portfolio manager will not be (totally) replaced by a robot, but “augmented” by technology.


We have been surprised to observe over time the increasing level of qualifications, experience and seniority of the entrepreneurs applying to the program. They would typically employ between 7 and 25 persons, with a recurring cash flow from paying clients.

And this is reflected in the figures. Though it is not the primary objective of getting into the acceleration program, 85% of the startups managed to raise funds, for and average amount of nearly CHF 2 million each.


Today more than ¾ of the 33 startups which have gone through the Fusion acceleration program are still in business – more than ever!



Finquartz – Turn Financial News into Portfolio Intelligence

Digibon – With Digibon you will never lose a receipt again and fight against paper waste – A new computing platform built around a 2mm-thin personal computer that seamlessly brings privacy and security to your private digital life and e-banking, by eliminating the need to rely on unverified trust in anything or anyone

Eversend – A neobank for Africans, anywhere in the world – Human-Centered AI For Banks

Delio – The digital infrastructure, processes and tools that help organisations enhance their private asset proposition

Apiax – Regulations mastered digitally

Ezycount – Simplify your accounting and save time


Fizi (stopped) – Fizi helps self-directed investors to navigate the stock market world, by assisting them to find, monitor and learn about opportunities.

Yawave – Yawave is a revolutionary cloud sftware that maximizes reach by activating employees, customers, fans, etc… with unique and powerful tools for leveraging companies’network communication power

SystemCredit – Systemcredit is a service provider to the lending industry

Fred de la compta – Fred is a web & mobile appliance for accountants and entrepreneurs that automates their online accounting and put them in touch with a chartered accountant who knows their industry

Bambu– Bambu is a B2B robot-advisor firm offering financial and non-financial firms the ability to integrate and benefit from the shift in digital wealth

Dashmote – Dashmote uses proprietary AI and Computer Vision Stack for trend analysics through images

Wealth Initiative – Marketplace and valuation tool for non-bankable assets


Mont Pelerin (Ex Smex) – Mt Pelerin uses the blockchain to create a bank that will connect people and businesses, and give them an unprecedented access to financing and investment

Finlight (Ex Stripyour banker) – We empower individuals to become their own investment managers providing deep insights & recommendation to choose the right portfolio of funds

Younify (stopped) – With Younify banks supercharge their e-banking system, turning it into the main control room for their clients to store, sort, process & pay bills

Corezoid – We help banks create brand new products for their clients and automate internal processes via a lego-block-type progress engine

Neuroprofiler – Neuroprofiler protects your data

Foxstone – Foxstone democratizes real estate investment through a crowdfunding platform allowing everyone to invest, with a minimum of CHF 25000

Indigita – We automate cross-border compliance checks by providing banks a simple yet powerful engine that gives concrete answers to specific cross-border regulatory issues

Signatys – We enable insurance companies, real estate agencies, notaries and banks to implement digital signature


Maecenas (Ex DXMarkets) – Maecenas is a marketplace for art investment. It allows art owners to create financial instruments backed by their collection

EdgeLab – Edgelab brings scientific rigour to risk mitigation

Biowatch (stopped) – Biowatch transforms your watch into a secure source of identification using the unique pattern of your veins

Wecan Group – Wecan co-create blockchain solutions with strategic partners from different industries

Scanye – We deliver seamless invoice payment solutions to companies

Investivity – Investivity is what Betterment should have been: irresistible alpha strategies that you can assemble and customize at will

Peer Mountain (Ex KYC3) – The only decentralized identity and compliance ecosystem that puts people in control of their protected personal information and rewards their community for trustworthiness

IBT (stopped) – Offers an online solution where contracts are registered and authenticated in any blockchain.

eINS – is a technology company, specialized in insurance information systems.

AceBanker – AceBanker is a cloud-based digital banking platform that digitize the wealth expertise of financial advisors, turning them into “bionic advisors”


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