Fusion Demo Day

by Amelie Janssens

Fusion Demo Day took place at La Mobilière’s beautiful new buildings in Nyon on June 7th.

Mike Nolet, founder of Livebetter, Josh Partridge, Vice President – EMEA, LATAM & Canada at Shazam, and David Brown from Open Stratosphere kicked-off the session by reminding us all that the key is to focus on the problem we want to solve, not the technology in itself, be it Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain.

All the start ups selected for the 2017-2018 season then presented their business model, recent achievements and next steps. We were proud to see they have indeed “accelerated” their go-to-market fit and delighted to hear that several significant business deals were closed over the last few months.

From dietary regimes to mental wellness, wealth management, elderly care and real estate transactions – algorithms and Artificial Intelligence will shortly be everywhere.

We shared a very energizing afternoon, at the end of which, we can agree with Sal Matteis (CEO of Fusion) statement that “Switzerland is the sleeping giant of tech”!

In this context, Sal announced the creation of a 4th vertical at Fusion: Impact-Tech. More to come!…

Watch the video here

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