Notz, Stucki Europe SA is a fully licensed Management Company

An entrepreneurial spirit providing swift and agile fully customized Management Company services


Notz Stucki Europe was the first management company to be granted the AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Managers) License, the Management Company under Chapter 15 of the UCITS Law 17 December 2010 license, as well as the extended Licenses covering both UCITS and AIFM Management Company non-core/extended services, in derogation of Art. 5(4). As such Notz Stucki Europe qualified as the 1st Luxembourg Super ManCo with extended services.

The licenses allow the following for AIFs & UCITS :

  • Investment management
  • Investment advice
  • Fund oversight / dedicated risk management
  • EU marketing of units (distribution)
  • Legal services
  • Central administration : maintenance of shareholder registers and calculation of NAV (including tax aspects)
  • Client administration, compliance and client servicing
  • Discretionary portfolio management to individual clients
  • Safekeeping and administration of units
  • Reception and transmission of orders in relation to financial instruments