Notz Stucki reshapes its Executive Committee

by Ana-Maria Fojo Rey

NOTZ STUCKI has appointed Frédéric de Poix Head of its Wealth Management division and as a member of its Executive Committee. He replaces Damiano Paternó Castello, who will manage the Zurich office and sit on the Board of Directors. NOTZ STUCKI will expand its business activities in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, focusing particularly on the distribution of investment solutions to institutional clients. NOTZ STUCKI also intends to pursue implementation of the development strategy as announced in June 2019.

Damiano Paternó Castello is leaving NOTZ STUCKI’s Executive Committee to relocate to the Zurich office, following the retirement of Ulrich Höhn who has run the office since its opening  in 1991. His main mission will be to develop the business activities in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, while continuing to look after his substantial client base. Damiano Paternó Castello has joined the Board of Directors of Notz Stucki & Cie SA.

He will be replaced as Head of the Wealth Management division by Frédéric de Poix, who is now also a member of the Executive Committee. Frédéric de Poix joined NOTZ STUCKI in 2013 and was previously Deputy Head of the Wealth Management department.

German-speaking Switzerland: a strategic development area

With a presence in Zurich since 1991, NOTZ STUCKI views German-speaking Switzerland as a strategic region for growth and the relocation of Damiano Paternó Castello to Zürich underlines its strong commitment to the area. In addition to wealth management, the Group intends to develop its asset management business by stepping up its efforts to promote and distribute its in-house investment funds.

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