Chart of the Month: US Healthcare sector, an appealing opportunity?

by Sébastien Poiret

US Healthcare sector : an appealing opportunity?

Source: Bloomberg
Source: Bloomberg

The US Healthcare sector is comprised of Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Equipment and Hospital companies.

Due to Hilary Clinton’s Tweet in 3Q15 to restrict pricing policies, this sector has corrected with high volatility. Despite that, earnings continue to grow steadily: +12% annualized growth over the last 3 years and expected to grow on average +10% per year in 2017 and 2018.

This sector now trades at a Price/Earnings Ratio of 14.4 which is 13% cheaper that the S&P500 Index itself (16.5 times), and such with higher earnings growth!

Hilary Clinton is now likely to win the White House but the House is likely to remain on the Republican side. She therefore won’t be in a position to implement some of her feared changes.

If this is the case, less uncertainty will soon be reflected with higher share prices, as long as earnings don’t disappoint!

Large Biotech companies could be of particular interest.

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