Why choose Notz Stucki?

The Notz Stucki Group has many advantages

With its experience and position in the world of wealth management, the Notz Stucki Group has many advantages, particularly in manager selection, research and analysis. Its advisory, investment and management abilities are framed in a rigorous methodology within a strict ethical code.

  • Super ManCo (AIFM Licence and Management Company Chapter 15 Licence in Luxembourg)
  • Personal relationships (client-focused services, tailored solutions)
  • Reporting (detailed reports, regularly published)
  • Experience (over 50 years’ experience in managing portfolios and multi-manager funds, with one of the industry’s longest track records)
  • Privileged access (to funds that are unavailable or closed to new investors)
  • Independence (the Group’s independence precludes all conflicts of interest)
  • Performance (consistent performance centred on capital preservation and an objective of absolute return)
  • Flexibility (both in building a portfolio and its management)
  • Transparency (investment processes and portfolio composition that are absolutely transparent)
  • Expertise (a recognized expertise in manager selection)
  • Network (an extensive network and special relationships not only with hedge funds and traditional managers, but also with the major depositary banks)