A proven independence

Being 100% owned by its management, the Group remains free from conflicts of interest and ensures continuous monitoring of the clients’ objectives.

Identifying the best talents

Knowing that no company can excel in every field, Notz Stucki is continuously seeking the best managers and the best funds to achieve sustainable returns.

A reliable partner

On a long-term perspective, Notz Stucki sees its client relationships as a partnership. That is why the time allocated to meeting and exchanging information is of significant importance to both parties. It facilitates an optimal understanding of the parameters related to the investment process.

Offering tailored solutions

As part of its commitment and long-term support, Notz Stucki sets itself clear objectives that respond to clients’ needs. The Directors and managers invest their own assets along side those of their clients. In this way the clients enjoy exactly the same degree of care and expertise.

To accomplish the Group’s mission, the managers concentrate on the following priorities:

  • preservation of capital
  • long-term growth
  • asset allocation according to risk profile
  • a top-down and bottom-up investment approach
  • performance objectives that are absolute rather than relative

To build a relationship on solid ground, mutual trust is vital. That is why frequent meetings and total transparency are the two keys to future success.